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2 new games and thank you!

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Postby _OctopixelCreations_ » Sun Jan 17, 2016 12:03 pm

Hey guys! I have recently won the city2015 contest and was extremely shocked and soooo happy when I found out and I just want to say thank you guys and the Createrria admin soooooooooo much!
And since you guys helped me win, I wanna reward you by telling you about some upcoming games!
First of all, as many people have requested, I am making a sequel to the Chasing Herobrine series! It will include a much more interesting story, with 3 chapters, much like the first Chasing Herobrine series. However, this game has only just started being worked on.
Next, as many people have also requested, I'm going to be making Mind Games 2! This will be the story of you in a rebellion against the people who captured you in Mind Games when the only person in the rebellion is you! However, I have not started making this game yet as the story is not yet fully developed (unlike Hunting Herobine(which is the name of the sequel by the way)) and also I want to get Hunting Herobrine out first as I have been putting it off when loads of people have been waiting for it.
So I hope you guys enjoy and, once again, thank you guys soo much.
See ya later!
The one and only Octopixel! Winner of the city2015 contest and the milliongames contest!! Creator of Chasing Herobrine, Mind Games, Alien Invasion, City Run and much more! Please like my games and follow me for some awesome stuff :D
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