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Postby Azore » Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:57 am

Hello everyone, I am the official Azore and now that I have a forum page, I will teach you how to be famous. So, before I took a break from Createrria for a while, I was well knowned for making series on my page with a story that everyone enjoyed. This are me think that in Createrria, you don't ALWAYS have to do platformers. If you didn't know, Createrria is FULL of platformers, and it gets boring after seeing the same thing multiple times :lol: . So what you have to do is 1: come up with something unique, and by unique I mean do something that was not done billions of times already. I make stories and that is not commonly done on Createrria, yet everyone enjoys them. 2: Make a good thumbnail. Thumbnails are one of the MAIN things for you game, it has to be good, good enough to attract some players into your games. 3: Make your game with as much patience as possible. It's all about time, you need to take time to create an atmosphere, backgrounds, obstacles, houses, etc. Rushing your games will make it look not as great (For example my first game Do Not Escape). And 4: Just keep creating what makes your fans happy. This will help you become a better creator, trust me!
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Postby Hoopa » Sun Apr 23, 2017 2:55 pm

If a level will take too long, use the premise templates and add from there so much, it looks new. Hoopa2 (me) is working on such a course.
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