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Postby red_claw » Fri Oct 07, 2016 5:55 pm

As a Createrian and internet user, I usually go for the ones with the best thumbnail. Use the colored squares to your advantage! They're there for reason! Use them to create the best masterpieces whether silly, ugly, or just funnily random! Sure, it's time consuming, ( as with everything else in the world XD) but it will give a great first impression to the player. They be all like, "Hey! That's a nice, well-done picture! He/she must be so creative! I must play their games!". I'm sorry, :? , but still, the camera function will help despite the thumbnail is required to be the size of the playable HUD itself. Still, make a nice thumbnail (Not Clickbait) to attract more players! In other news, I really wish the admin made the camera and save function seperate actions. :o :cry:
I currently have 2,407 followers and counting with my most popular games garnering over 60,000 plays. Dinosaur Breach and the Createrian War are my most known games to date.
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