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We are the champions! WSA2015

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Postby Createrria Team » Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:23 pm

Hey guys!

I am pleased to announce, that we have won WSA 2015 mobile award in Abu Dhabi!

We couldn't have done it without you guys, and your support! Big thanks to everybody!


whole Createrria Team
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Createrria Team
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Postby thelegendreturns » Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:05 pm

Congratulations! Hope you guys and girls have many, many more awards.
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Postby Zerotiki » Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:35 pm

You guys deserved a award! Good job!
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Postby rona » Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:29 pm

Lol that's ironic

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Postby rona » Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:30 pm

Wait. I think I got a it wrong

Wasn't it a life and something award.
Correct me if I'm wrong
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