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Top 10 things that need to be added NEXT UPDATE

Suggest and discuss new ideas for Createrria, new items, game modes, mechanics etc.

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Postby ultra.fang » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:43 pm

Hey everyone, Ultra Fang here again. And today, I'm telling you my top things that need to be added. They aren't in any order.

1.) Unlimited Energy or Energy Crystals

2.) Pets, that help you on your creating journey( Ex. +5% coin booster, Xp booster, create dust creator, etc.)

3.) Storymode on how the evil professor is defeated

4.) bring the option of buying individual items and themes back, but still keep the boxes for a chance to get multiple items you don't have.

5.) Bring Create dust back into the game, but to craft permanently kept items

6.) if you get an item in the box you already have, it's converted into create dust.

7.) games cost 1500 coins to make

8.) when getting 25 plays on a game, you also get a gem as part of the award( just like before update 2.0.0) so beginners can progress a lot easier

9.) a mail system for creators to send messages/games to each other

10.) Collaborations, people can make even greater games with on another and get more well known

These are my top 10 things I at least want you(Incuvo) to add in the next update. Of course I want others things added later, but I feel we first need to fix the creating, item collecting, and progression issues people are having. And just about all of these fix them. I hope you enjoyed reading this everyone. And I hope you(Incuvo) read this and really consider these ideas. It's been a year and a half since a real update, it's time to end the drought. Thanks for reading everyone! :D
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