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AMAZING future updates Ideas PART 3!

Suggest and discuss new ideas for Createrria, new items, game modes, mechanics etc.

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Postby ultra.fang » Fri Jun 23, 2017 5:26 pm

Hey everyone, Ultra.Fang here. And today I have more update ideas that can make Createrria a more epic place!
1.) If we can't get unlimited energy, then give us energy crystals, what they are is an award we get for completing a game, the more you got, the more energy you have and have the ability to use them to skip ads and instantly refuel your energy bar!
2.) Contests shorter because a month is way to long! 15 days at max!
3.) A link to a youtube account or email so if our fans want to send us a message or something else!
4.) background options
5.) separate pages for contests and featured/ editors pick games
6.) more more more signs. unlimited for a one game story.
7.) Loot (Ex. enemies have score crystals which increase your score, chests, torches for light in a dark place...)
8.) New monsters like The Spider: can climb walls and when sees an enemy it chases after them.
Bloodhound: when you are in a certain radius the hound can smell your presence and will start looking for you.
The Magician: An enemy that teleports every ten seconds so better get rid of him fast!
Undead: comes out of the ground when you are close enough to their grave. Spooky!
Ghosts: they take control of objects around you to do harm, however they hate when you go through them.
mimics: pretends to be something that you find useful like a chest or torch!
9.) 2X bigger world
10.) The Darkness(theme) it's so dark that you could barely see anything around you, better have a torch!
11.) trading so that people can transfer things from one account to another or to help friends or fans(Contest enhancer)
12.) Clans so that we creators and our friends can team up against others and make Createrria more competitive and fun.
13.) Clan contest: a clan will submit a game once per month and the Createrria team will choose the top 3 and they'll be featured.
14.) if water is added, monsters in the water like crocodiles, sharks, or sea snakes.
15.) Fixed notifications
16.) Special events: Christmas story mode optional for people to play, same with Easter, createrria day, Thanksgiving.
17.) YouTube recorder added, so that I can more easily record Createrria vids for my channel!
18.) Said this before but collaborations!
Well hope you like all of my ideas! I know I have probably mentioned some of them before but oh well! Plz comment if you agree or if you have great ideas of your own! Thanks again for reading, hope you have a great day/night! :D
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