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Adding Clans

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Postby ultra.fang » Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:12 am

Today's main idea for a future update is adding clans.
Clans can be used for players to band/team up and get to know each other and possibily make games together( If Collaberations are added). There can also be Contests for the clan too to go against other clans like who can make the best collaboration? We can figure this out later when clans are added so we see how smooth the new clan edition goes.
- If clans are added then clan perks: like +5% coin gain, Xp gain, Create dust discount(if added), and lasting energy( if not removed)
- Also allow donations which are for only for energy shards( if energy isn't removed) only after every 7 hours
- only 15 creators per clan( don't want them to big, and 15 creators is more than enough for a perfect collaboration
- clans are added, show stats. Ex. How many likes, plays, and followers a clan has together
- No requirements because there an infinite amount of space for creativity
- 3 clan modes: open, invite only, closed
- A clan chat
Remember, this is only an idea. I'm not saying it's a must. Just want to give the Createrria Team more ideas for their future big update so that Createrria can go back to winning more awards like it should be. Hope you enjoyed the idea!:)
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