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New Items for Createrria

Suggest and discuss new ideas for Createrria, new items, game modes, mechanics etc.

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Postby ultra.fang » Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:02 pm

This is a list that focuses on new item ideas. Hope you enjoy!:)

The ladder: to climb up to the next level

Ricochet gun/glove: shoots a powerful ball of energy the bounces off walls

Crossbow: shoots an arrow that pierces through multiple enemies

A chest: either has loot or points

Torch: to light up our way through very dark places

Torch on a wall: same idea as above, but only stays in one place

Explosive slingshot: like in your game Castle Revenge, more deadly

Climbing gloves: lets you climb walls

Different colored flags: for more decorations

Cannon: can be used by you or the enemy?!( look at my new enemy idea post)

Bouncy shoes: to jump higher

Emerald gem: a shiny green gem worth a fortune

2 types of doors: the first is a normal size wooden door, the other is a throne room sized door

A drawbridge: for getting from one side to the other

Bridge block: just a normal bridge

Musical tile: Createrria needs more music so why not add a musical tile

A flashlight: to light up the way and scare away the ghosts ( an enemy in my new monster list)

Chains: to add to the darker and spooky theme of several themes

Cages: Same idea as chains

A cage elevator: adds to the spooky effect and brings you up, down, left or right

A mug: maybe someone wants a drink

An opened book: we have closed books, why not an open book?

A wooden and stone chair( breakable): when we or monsters want to take a seat

Stone and wooden tile (unbreakable and no gravity): it'd be nice if we could make a a house out of these two materials without them breaking or falling down

Quicksand/ Quickmud: slows you down and tries to drag you into the earth

A sword: for close combat

A shield: to block enemy range shorts

Armor: leather being the weakest: knight armor being the middle, and Royal armor being the strongest

Bow and arrows: it's like a carriable sling shot, but with weaker arrows

Water: to create ponds, lakes, swamps for us to explore in surface theme games

Bamboo: just a different kind of wood

These are some of the ideas for new items I have for now. Expect more very soon! Remember, these are only ideas. Some may not be perfect, but this gives Incuvo ideas to make a come back and get Createrria winning more awards again! I hope you like them. Comment down below if you agree, or your ideas! Thx :D
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