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New Monsters for Createrria

Suggest and discuss new ideas for Createrria, new items, game modes, mechanics etc.

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Postby ultra.fang » Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:56 pm

This list is mainly focusing on new monsters ideas for Createrria. Remember, these are only ideas. So don't get mad at any of them. Hope you like them!

Sleepers: undead that pretend they are dead again, but when you get close they strike

Bats: mainly found in the night, if disturbed, they dart at you

Ghosts: an enemy that can only be killed by light and keeps following you when you aren't looking( similar to a peekaboo)

Undead: come to close to their grave and they will raise again

Hawks: these birds are always hungry ready to eat almost anything in sight, watch out for their dive.

Scout: once sees you, he darts off the screen then comes back with a mini army up to three patrollers or berserkers.

Witch: once sees you spawns three undead and shots dark magic from her staff

Dark knight: and enemy that dashes out you when reaches range, better jump

Lion: a ferocious beast that takes 3 hits or hops to kill

Grave digger: what makes him deadly is his shovel, it can reach 5 tiles away making Melee with him a nightmare

Goblins: their slings are mostly annoying to deal with, better have a shield

Melee goblins: carry daggers and aren't afraid to run at you for a fight

Goblin witch doctor: these annoying goblins use jungle magic to heal up enemy troops

Mimic: it's a fake chest which in reality it's a terrifying monster that lures unlucky adventurers/creators in to eat

Bear: the strongest enemy. Has 5 hit points and can climb! Scary

Piranha: a dangerous water dweller who is always hungry

Shark: like a berserker underwater except bigger, better, faster, stronger

Bass: catch one of these and you got yourself a dinner( +2 hearts)

Pike: a freshwater beast similar to the shark

Cone fish: don't get hit from one of its darts because it has poison with no known cure

Deer: be careful of its dash attack, but tasty to eat (+3 hearts)

Squirrel: an animal that runs away from everything and burys nuts

Birds: just tries to stay alive in a dangerous world

Horse: fun to ride, but not to fight

Spear Trolls: deadly beings found in the North, they throw spears at unwelcomed people

Trolls: got fists stronger than rock

Ninja: tries to blend in with the background then strikes with its ninja stars

Ghouls: a version of the undead that for some reason can actually run

Dwarves: may be short, but height does mean anything. Watch out for their hammers!

Skeletons: they can never die, but they are easy to take out . The bones come back together after a certain amount of time has passed

Drones: the Evil Professor is back with another deadly robot. One that flies and shoots lasers at whoever stands in its way

Those are all of my monster ideas for now. I hope you all like some of them. Remember these are only ideas, I know some may not fit that well. But maybe they may trigger something else ( another idea). Comment below what your favorite is or if you have ideas! Thx :D
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